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Casino Promotional Items


In 1993, The Coin Company & Washoe Antiques published A Collector's Guide to Nevada Casino Give-Away Tokens. This was labeled a "First Edition", but no second edition was ever produced. Of course, casino and promotional items exist well beyond the confines of Nevada and many new casinos have been opened since this books orginal publication. Also, there are those items that have been discovered for the casinos listed in this book since it has been published. The following is an attempt to update this basic reference work. Items are organized in three different ways:

By Casino
By Location
By Type

Casino Promotional Codes

While the orginal publication has a reference system contained within, there appears no logical method for how these numbers were assigned and rather than try to reproduce these numbers, I have devised my own system. The following casino promotional codes is an expandable system that the end users may use as much or as little (or not at all) depending upon how many different items they collect.

-1- 2-3--4- 5 6 7

#1 - Country Codes
The 1st element consist of a three letter country codes are as assigend by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) (ref: Country Codes). If you collect only a single country, then this element of the coding system may be omitted. An example would be USA = United States of America.

#2 - Region Codes
The 2nd element consist of a two letter region code as designated by the related country code. For the USA as an example, the two letter State Code as assigned by the Post Office. Links for other countries postal abbreviation will be posted as countries are added. Again, if you collect only a single region, this element may be omitted. Region codes are shown in the Location Listing Section

#3 - City Codes
(To be determined)

#4 - Casino Codes
(To be determined)

#5 - Type Code 1 - Use
The fifth element identifies what the promotional item intended use was for. If no partitcular use could be identified, then the item will be listed as 'Advertisement'. Type Code 1 are as follows:
  • AC - Arcade
  • AD - Advertising
  • CC - Collector Coin
  • FD - Free Drink
  • FP - Free Play
  • FO - Free Other
  • GL - Good Luck
  • MG - Mardi Gras

    #6 - Type Code 2 - Construction
    The sixth element further identifieds the Type Code 1 - Use listed above. This elemenet identifies the base material use to make the promotional item.
  • CP - Chip (Clay, plastic, other similiar material)
  • EN - Encased (Normally a coin inside other material which identifies the casino
  • PR - Paper (Cardboard, other similiar material)
  • TK - Token
  • WD - Wood
    #7 - One Up Numbering
    Numbered 1 up with letters to denote different varities of the same type of item.